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Working at Home

Welcome to the Queen's Collegiate Online Portal!

Courses are now delivered in-person and online to accommodate all student needs. ​

  • All e-Learning courses meet the same curriculum requirements as regular courses, set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

  • Our online school offers full-time courses for each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer), as well as individual credit courses.


Class Delivery

  • Online students attend regular classes synchronously using Microsoft Teams.

  • Students who cannot attend online classes synchronously due to a conflict in the schedule or the country time difference can request for an exemption from Synchronous Learning.


Minimum System Requirements

  • High speed internet

  • Windows 8 or higher

  • Webcam or headset and microphone

  • Microsoft Office 365 A1 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)  

  • Google account

Registration Requirements

  • No more than five credit courses (including regular school courses) can be taken within one semester.

  • Students need approval of the School Counsellor before registering for an on-line course.

Access to Online Materials
  • All students (online and in-class) will be able to access class materials, submit assignments, and get feedback through MS Teams a school online platform, using their @queenscollegiate emails.

  • Students will have to submit their assignments in MS Word or Google docs format and will get teacher’s feedback in the same way.

  • Math and science students may be required to send images of their hand-written works.

Video Conferencing
  • Microsoft Teams will be used for video conferencing and teacher-student collaboration

  • Students will be registered by Queen’s Collegiate for educational Office 365 A1 licences and will have online access to web-based Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc).

  • Usernames, passwords, and instructions on how to install Office 365A3 are included in the Welcome Letter sent to students.

  • Teachers will send students invitations to join classes.

Available Courses 

Grade 9

Grade 10


Grade 11


Grade 12




Interested in our Online School?

Send a request to to learn more. 




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