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QLS Policies

Documents required for admission

- Valid passport

- Valid visa (for international students)

- Medical insurance (for international students)

- Proof of English proficiency (Placement Test or the result of any official English proficiency test)

Students have the right to

- Fair and transparent written contract

- Proper fee collection practice

- Fee refund as indicated in the fee refund policy

- Access to transcripts for 25 years

- Copy of their credentials within 30 days of completing the program

- Student complaint procedure

- Special accommodations for international students

- Insurance coverage while on-site

- Qualified Instructors

- Timely evaluation of progress

- Being respected and accommodated

- Being informed about changes

 Refund Policy  

- To be considered for a refund, the student must submit a written refund request accompanied by the original acceptance letter and IRCC refusal letter, if applicable.

- The refund payment will be processed within 30 days of providing a written refund request.

- Any refund of fees will be paid in Canadian dollars.

- Registration fees are non-refundable.

- Retail price of the books and materials necessary for the program is not refundable.

- Rental books and equipment must be returned within 10 days of the written notice of withdrawal.

- Refund for rental fees are calculated prorated, if the student withdraws and returns rented items in the first half of the program.

- Students who wish to postpone their start date must contact the school at least 7 days before the original start date, or late fee of CAD$200 will be charged for postponement.

- No additional classes, refunds, or reduction in price will be provided for school closures on national holidays or due to weather conditions.

- QLS will not retain any refund of fees payable to a student to recover the amount owed by the student for any service other than a program offered by the QLS.

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