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Queen’s Collegiate Elementary School

Welcome to Queen’s Collegiate Elementary School, where we dedicate ourselves to your child’s development. With a holistic and enriched educational experience, with enhanced academic and co-curricular programs, our school makes sure that your child will succeed academically and personally.


Our small classes provide the opportunity for individual approach which offers more one-on-one time for each student. Highly experienced and certified educators passionately encourage students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by immersing students in a respectful and mindful environment with many activities to support their development. Our integrated learning and technology-enhanced curriculum allows students to further develop skills that they will require to navigate the millennial age.



Integrated Learning Courses

Available for Grades 6-8: 

  • Math and Dance

  • Science, Technology, and Visual Arts 

  • Social Science and Music      


  • Language and Drama

  • French and Sports 


          If you cannot join us for in-person classes, consider registering in our online school!

           To find out more, send a request to




School Supply
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