Programs & Courses

Day School

Ontario approved Full-Time secondary school program.

Night School

Ontario approved Part-Time secondary school.

Bridge School

Smooth transition from ESL to Ontario approved secondary school.

Summer School

Available Courses

Complete your OSSD(Ontario Secondary Diploma) in less time by taking our summer school classes.

All of our other available courses.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program

Day School

  • Full-time semester school for Grade 9-12 students

  • Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum

  • Two (2) semesters with four (4) credit courses per semester

  • 194 school days (excluding holidays and breaks) within one academic year

  • Twenty-five (25) hours of instruction and five (5) hours of after- school tutoring  a week

Individual Credit Courses

Night School

  • On-demand individual credit courses to students from other schools

  • Upon completion, these credits are transferred to the student home schools

  • Convenient schedules (after regular school hours, in the evenings, on weekends or holidays). 

Summer School

  • One month intensive program

  • Helps to speed up learning

  • Develops stronger English/academic skills

  • Lightens student future workload

  • Better prepares for university admission

  • Supplements a regular school curriculum

English as a Second Language Program

Bridge School

  • Gradual transition from ESL to a regular school

  • “English only” communication requirement

  • Activity-based study

  • Canadian/American English and content

  • Combination of traditional study and on-line My English Lab assignments

  • Cultural extra-curricular activities

  • Meaningful field trips  

ESL Camps

  • Intensive introduction to an English-speaking environment

  • Language-oriented activities through combinations of lessons and trips

  • Having fun while learning lifelong skills

  • Outdoor entertainment

  • Canada life experience

  • Canada Cities Tours

Available Credit Courses

Students can select their courses according to their interests, aptitudes and future plans.

Grade 9 and 10 Courses

  • Academic courses (D) develop students’ knowledge and skills through the study of theory and abstract problems.

  • Open courses (O) are comprised of a set of expectations that are appropriate for all students and designed to broaden students’ knowledge and skills in subjects that reflect their interests and prepare them for active and rewarding participation in society.

Grade 11 and 12 Courses

  • University preparation courses (U) are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the entrance requirements for university programs.

  • University/college preparation courses (M) are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the entrance requirements for specific programs offered at universities and colleges.

List of Credit Courses Offered in WINTER 2020​

Grade 9

  • Physical Education (PPl1O)

  • Science (SNC1D)

  • Canadian Geography (CGC1D)

  • English (ENG1D)

Grade 10

  • Physical Education (PPl2O)

  • English -ENG2D

  • Canadian History Since World War (CHC2D)

  • Civics and career (CHV2O + GLC2O)

Grade 11

  • Psychology  (HSP3U)

  • Physics (SPH3U)

  • Biology (SBI3U)

  • Economics (CIA3U)

Grade 12

  • Calculus (MCV4U)

  • English  (ENG4U)

  • Physics  (SPH4U)

  • Canada: History, Identity, and Culture (CHI4U)

  • Biology (SBI4U)

  • Visual Arts (AVI4M)

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