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Student Counselling

The principal, teachers, and administrative staff will provide guidance and support to students in choosing courses and study strategies, applying to colleges and universities, communicating with home schools, resolving conflicts, dealing with complaints, etc. We also offer personal, educational, and career counselling to all registered students who may experience life-change challenges. Our services are free, voluntary and confidential.


English Language Learners

Learning opportunities for English language learners are integrated into the curriculum in all subject areas. All teachers share in the responsibility for the English language development of these students. Teachers adapt the instructional program to address students’ different levels of proficiency in English and help these students adjust to a new linguistic, cultural, and educational environment.


Transition to Secondary School

Queen’s Collegiate helps domestic students (Grade 9) as well as international students (Grade 9-12) to transition smoothly to secondary school by providing orientation programs and support in:


- Selecting secondary school courses

- Setting goals for community involvement

- Identifying areas of interest for extra-curricular activities.


Transition to Post-Secondary Education

In Grade 11 and 12, the school helps students to understand the structure, requirements, and benefits of post-secondary institutions by:


- Holding round table discussions

- Arranging field trips to local universities and colleges

- Inviting guest speakers from top universities and colleges.


Students will have to:

- Review their achievements on a regular basis

- Gather information on post-secondary opportunities

- Investigate information and strategies to support effective financial planning

- Explore employment opportunities

- Develop job search skills and employment retention skills

- Participate in career exploration.


Creating Pathway To Sucess

Queen’s Collegiate supports students in achieving their goals by:


- Identifying student strengths and talents

- Providing information about different opportunities

- Helping students to set goals and make decisions

- Facilitating successful achievement.

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